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Imaging Diagnostics (X-ray, Ultrasound, CT Scan)




Imaging Study

The Department of Diagnostic Imaging at Victoria Healthcare is committed to providing the best diagnostic imaging services with efficiency, hygiene, radiation safety and image quality.
The Department of Diagnostic Imaging includes a team of well-experienced, evidence medicine practiced physicians to provide the best diagnostic and treatment results for patients.

At the Department of Diagnostic Imaging we perform a variety of diagnostic exams, including:

• Digital Radiographic X-ray (DR), the time taken for a patient is several times faster than conventional X-rays, reducing the radiation time. In cases of necessarity, we Always have a complete shielding devices, protecting your vital organs from being radiation contaminated.
In the case of regular X-rays, you do not need to prepare in advance. But in some cases of x-rays with barium (gastro-esophageal, duodenum, colon) radiation, you need to prepare before shooting as you need to indent, fast before shooting with just the doctor's instructions.
When taking an x-ray, you should follow the instructions of your doctor as well as your technician for the best quality of X-rays. Before taking a picture, please tell your doctor or technician if you are pregnant or suspect beeing pregnant.

We provide of the following x-ray services:

Conventional X-rays of the lung, sinuse, skull, spine, and bone.
• Mammogram for early detection of breast cancer. Our modern digital mammography system allows us to get the highest quality picturure. Thanks to the automatic compression system that changes the compression force so that the patient will feel less painful while taking a shot. Mammograms are diagnosed on the specific medical screen with high resolution, providing the most accurate diagnosis as soon as possible.

We perform ultrasound services at the Department of Diagnostic Imaging on ultrasound machines of the latest generation of Philips and General Electric (GE), ensuring the image quality is always at the sharpest level to serve in diagnose. Especially advanced technology will bring beautiful visual experience to the correct diagnosis.
Our ultrasound services include:
• Pregnancy ultrasound in first, second and third trimesters
• Ultrasonographic cerebral ultrasonography
• Ultrasound of the parotid glands
• Breast ultrasound
• Thyroid ultrasonography (including lymph nodes)
• Head and neck ultrasound
• Abdomen ultrasound
• Ultrasound of the armpit
• Inguinal ultrasound
• Scrotal Ultrasound.
• Pelvic ultrasound
• testicular ultrasound
• Prostatic ultrasound
• spinal ultrasound
• Joints- tendon Ultrasound
• Soft tissue Ultrasound.
• Peripheral intraepithelial doppler ultrasonography
• Head and neck Doppler ultrasound
• Venous and lymphatic vessels Ultrasound.
• Biopsy under ultrasound (FNAC)
Gynecological ultrasound
Cardiac ultrasound

CT scanner
This is a diagnostic method that uses ionizing radiation to create detailed body images quickly.
When a computerized tomography is indicated, you will be asked a question about your health and advice on the preparation steps required for the computerized tomography scan. In cases where intravenous contrast injection is required, you will be asked for a history of allergy, liver disease, kidney disease, diabetes or previous contrast-enhanced CT scanner before.
With GE's 128-slice CT scanner, we performed almost CT scan
In particular, we have a low-dose CT scan program for lung cancer. This program helps patients with high risk of lung cancer screening for lung cancer with a 128-slice CT scanner. while minimizing the radiation dose being harmful to the body.