About us

By Victoria Healthcare 12 March 2019

About us


Victoria Healthcare was established in 2005 and has long term experience in the field of high-quality health care and has created a high reputation to customers in HCMC and surrounding areas.

Victoria Healthcare has many branches at convenient locations in the city, full of specialties for out-patient visit. Our Clinics’ equipment is state-of-the-art, up-to-date, clean, safe, and accurate. Our facilities are the finest in HCMC and comparable to what is found in the United States. Our physicians have frequently gained overseas training. Several in the USA, Australia, and Japan. Here at Victoria Healthcare, our doctors commit to evidence-based-medicine practice.


Victoria Healthcare’s Motto is “Patients First”.

From the very beginning, we have been wondering the same question, “what do patients need most when having any health issues or seeing doctors?”
And since those days, we have been aware that patients come to see doctors not only because of beautiful or state-of-the-art facilities, but they also need a place to share their medical or health issues, a place where doctors are always truly listening, always encouraging patients to ask and always trying to provide best and helpful answers and solutions to their health issues. They need a place where doctors always spend time researching and solving patients’ problems as if they were relatives, not only during but also after the visits. Patients also need a place where they come not only when they are sick but when they are healthy as well, in order to consult doctors about how to maintain their health and how to obtain healthy life style, in order to prevent and early detect dangerous diseases.

With those in mind, the medical staff and doctors of Victoria Healthcare are always learning, listening and caring for customers based on best medical evidence, without overmedication or overuse of unnecessary laboratory tests. We call this The Victoria Way. We are committed to pursuing the Victoria Way at each Victoria clinic, putting patients first and placing them at the center of medical care.

At Victoria Healthcare, our physicians give the highest priority to world best-practices: “evidence-based medicine”. This requires an understanding of critical appraisal and the basic principles of study design, probability estimates, relative risk, odds ratios, confidence intervals, bias, and confounding variables. By using this information, clinicians can categorize evidence, assess causality, and make evidence-based recommendations for their patients. Evidence-based medicine allows analysis of complicated information so that we can make the best possible clinical decisions for the people we serve. (Am J Obstet Gynecol, 2001). In addition, our physicians’ duties and responsibilities are to consult our patients thoroughly regarding causes, origins, treatment and preventive measures for their conditions. That is the core of the international healthcare standard.

Evidence-based medicine (EBM) is the care of patients using the best available research evidence to guide clinical decision making. The value of EBM is heightened in light of the following considerations:

(1)The volume of evidence available to guide clinical decisions continues to grow at a rapid pace.
(2) Improvements in research design, clinical measurements, and methods for analyzing data have led to a better understanding of how to produce valid clinical research.
(3) Despite advances in research methods, many published study results are false or draw misleading conclusions