By Victoria Healthcare 16 April 2019


One says "Health is gold". Think like a wise entrepreneur, the comprehensive health check up is the same as a high-profit, long term investment. However, it is likely no one is able to see the benefits and agree to “invest” to this. From the perspective of a manager and also an experienced doctor who has many examed many patients, Dr.Nguyễn Vĩnh Tường – Medical Director of Victoria Healthcare Clinics -- sharing some "tips".

"Take advantage of the benefits"

Your benefits are not in the "list" of medical tests. Based on your general needs, doctors will provide you with a necessary and sufficient list of tests to give you an overview of your health. If you think there are some unnecessary tests in the list, you and your doctor should discuss frankly to make your check-up more suitable to your needs. Please do not "adjust" the list of tests by yourself. The doctor will combine the information from your medical history, clinical examination, and laboratory and imaging results, and will then formulate an assessment of your current health status. Your doctor will then discuss these findings in detail with you. This detailed knowledge and recommendations for your ongoing health is the greatest benefit that you can gain from the comprehensive health examination. You should be proactive in making appointments for your health checkups. Before your appointment, you should spend time to

"sense" all the changes in your health since your last visit. Then you can ask questions and discuss your health candidly with your doctor. Prior to your visit, you should fill out your complete medical history: this will allow your doctor to spend more time to discuss this further with you. You will also have more time to discuss specific points of concern. Thus, the doctor will have more time to concentrate on synthesizing the information to identify the core issues in caring for your health. So, take advantage of your benefits to openly discuss your health problems with the doctor to make sure you get the right answers and understand the best ways to improve your health.

Do not expect too much to instant 'net interest'

General examination is not a "magic wand" that can knock out any disease, so you should not doubt if the result is "not sick." Doing an executive check-up does not mean to forecast your disease, it means your get advice from doctors of getting rid of diabetes, cholesterol, colon cancer. These disease occur from the lifestyle of more eating - less exercise, drinking too much alcohol ... One of these diseases can be completely overcome simply by changing lifestyle and cost less of money for medicines. To do this, it takes time and the maintenance of your "investment" in health.

In addition, if you take executive check-up regularly, soon, you will discover a number of showing clear symptoms at late stages unexpected illnesses or serious illnesses, so that you will have the best way for treatment or prevention at the very beginning to achieve the best results.

"Choose a reputable partner for your 'health project".

This is absolutely necessary because choosing the right "partner" will make your routine checkup simpler. If they are a professional "supplier", your medical record will be stored for comparison with the previous results. If so, you can ask to see your doctor again or ask your provider to advise unnecessary tests and if necessary you can ask them to set a reminder for an annual checkup.

In addition, you should consider supporting services such as support procedure of receiving test result and more convenient means. For example: You can check, read the results via the Internet or send the results via email ... This helps you feel secure if you are away to work, or need urgent medical information, prescriptions ... in unexpectedly situations.


Dr. Nguyen Vinh Tuong - Medical Director of Victoria Healthcare Clinic.

Posted in the Law newspaper No. 596547 on 01/12/2015.