Why Test VO2 Max ?

Get the most out of your workout

VO2 Max testing gives you precise heart rate zones for optimal training sessions. You may have seen charts about your “target heart rate” while you work out. Here’s the truth - those numbers are just averages based on your age & weight. CARDIOCOACH VO2 monitor will measure your unique heart rate zones and safely guide you through the intensities necessary for you to achieve your goals. Whether your focus is on burning fat, increasing endurance, or strengthening your heart, your precise target

intensity zones will help you workout smarter not harder.

This is especially important since your risk of stroke, heart attack, or even death is directly related to your fitness level.

Identify what kinds of calories you are using.

Fat vs. Carbohydrates. Not only does a VO 2 Max test give a precise calculation of calories burned during exercise, but CardioCoach can also identify whether you are burning fats or carbohydrates as you increase your eff ort. This, plus how many calories you actually burn: a precise guide to how much you should eat to lose weight safely and effectively. This is vital information, whether you are trying to lose weight, increase muscle mass, or stay fueled for a race. The CardioCoach app will even allow you to monitor this burn in real time as you work out!

Burn more Fat!

VO2 testing reveals the exercise level that will optimize a person’s ability to burn fat. The term “aerobic exercise” has been commonly used in relation to burning fat. But without VO2 testing, fitness professionals have had to rely on crude estimates to determine what level of exercise intensity would be “aerobic” or fat burning.
Now, with VO2 testing readily available, you can know the precise level of intensity that will truly maximize the amount of fat you burn.
How Is a VO2 Test Performed ?


1. Put on a heart rate strap and face mask to measure oxygen in and carbon dioxide out. The mask is connected to the CardioCoach device.

2. Begin to exercise on a stationary device such as a treadmill, cycle or stairstepper. Your trainer will instruct you to gradually increase your intensity over a period of 6 to 20 minutes.

3. The CardioCoach will indicate when the test is completed. You can cool down while your Target Intensity Zones are calculated and printed in a simple, insightful report.
What is EPOC?

Excess post- exercise oxygen consumption, or oxygen debt is amount of oxygen required to restore your body to its normal level of metabolic function after a workout. The CardioCoach app uses your VO 2 Max with a proprietary formula to actually calculate your EPOC after each workout. This is important since “exercise is the gift that keeps on giving”. You continue to burn more calories for several hours after intense exercise.