The annual general health checkup is recommended to promptly detect potential problems at an early stage. The doctor needs to fully consult the patient on health issues related to their individual activities and age. Tests and clinical examination should follow thebest-practices of specialty associations for optimal health outcomes.  . Family doctors will compare the changes and previous diagnosis with the current test results.  Because the family doctor knows you more completely and fully, both can understand how to help the individual to the best health possible.In advanced countries, family and general practitioners are usually the ones who perform the initial health examination. Patients have the time to discuss their health issues, personal and family history with the doctor. On this basis and through the examination and evaluation process, the doctor may advise the patient to take additional tests or treatments that are appropriate for their age, their own, individual risks and advise them about their habits (eating, exercising, playing sports, vaccination...) to have the best impact on their health. 
After obtaining test results, patients will see the family doctor again for advice and instructions on how to monitor and treat abnormalities. Patients only see specialists when referrals from general practitioners are indicated: the family doctor is the best to get the “big picture” of a patient’s overall health spectrum. 
Meanwhile, most hospitals promoting health checks are currently overloaded; patients do not have enough time to consult with a doctor. Additionally, there is a lack of awareness of the importance of primary, integrated health care in an individual’s health management. We do not take full advantage of the family doctors and general practitioners in screening disease, primary health care, and a personal, integrated approach to the patient. 
Therefore, a patient seeking the best care should see their family doctor first to have a proper initial screening and health examination.  This is also much more efficient than  wandering around room after room to see unnecessary specialists who each have only one small bit of information.
 In summary, the general health checkup  should give the patient an integrated personal approach that also does not abuse them through many blood tests and unnecessary steps.  Unless a problem is identified, there is no need to see many specialists.