The Importance of General Check-up

The importance of General Check-up (GE) is  well known, but there is a big gap in deciding and  understanding the theory.

The reason  may be the worry of where to do the general check-up, what package to choose   as well as the fear and doubt about the possibility and the probability of  having a cancer risk or wondering for  the reason why you need to do a general check-up  inspite of being healthy-“What if the disease and risk  will be detected? It’s so bad”. They are the common   excuses why we do not do the general check-up.


Let’s consider doing general checkup as a daily healthcare habit.

The importance  of  general check-up is not simply to "find out" the risk , but most importantly is to know your overall  physical health condition and the risk factors that  are harmful to your health. Doing an annual general check-up is the same as doing your daily healthcare habit such as brushing teeth, eating  meals on time and it can protect you more. Through   general check-up, common sicknesses and some  life-threatening diseases such as breast cancer, prostate  cancer, cardiovascular disease can be detected in early stage.

As -Dr.Trần Thị Hồng An said: ”Early detection and treatment  is very helpful and beneficial for the patient. This Not only gives patients higher chance of recovery, reduces the time and cost of treatment but also minimizes the pain and loss  (especially to cancer suffering patients). If breast cancer is discovered on its early stage, the success rate of treating will be higher,  up to 90%, than a  50% success rate if it is on its phase 2”.

General checkup cannot screen all cancer types

Each organ is a combination of million  cells such as: skin cells, larynx cells, stomach cells, blood cells and more. But cancer is a state in which  some of these cells grow abnormally and  cause harmful effect to our health. Nowadays, most Healthcare Centers are introducing general check-up packages for  cancer screening test  but these cancer types are a few number of the most common ones that scientists in the world can list out.

In previous years, through some examinations, cancerous cells can be detected  but it is approximately 60% accurate because of false positive results. If the test result was positive (existence of cancerous cells are suspected) then you had to do all the advanced cancer tests for each organ in the body. Dr.An said: “Scientists in the world have not found out the  exact causes of the abnormal growth of cells and cannot predict the time when these cells become cancerous; hence, if the requirement is to do all the types of cancer  screening tests , patients will be exhausted due to stress and run out of money before the real cancer type isfound out”. If the result is negative at the moment, it does not mean that you are free of  cancer for the rest of your life..
Therefore, see and consult  your doctor if you worry about the high risk of  cancer   Your doctor can check and trace  your  family health history, working environment, age and some related risk factors,…

Let go for general checkup whenever you have convenient time.

 You may worry about things to prepare before doing a  general check-up, such as:  fasting, from sickness , or if you had  sex Please forget about them! Just remember  that if  you  see a gynecologist, make sure that your  menstruation has finished  several days prior to your visit, so that the Gynecologist  can observe the vagina more easily and errors in urine test results can be avoided. -Dr. Hong An said, "Currently, health centers are quite flexible in taking samples. If you have breakfast before a blood test , please tell the  receptionists or nurses about it, then you will see the doctor first for a clinical examination. The doctor will decide what is the right time to take the blood samples  or later when you are ready., The doctor will make a note on the record so that he can  interprete the results  accurately. You should not postpone a general check-up even if you are suffering from any  medical conditions..