Medical Record - WebView

In order to improve Victoria Healthcare’s service to you as well as meeting your own medical interest, Victoria Healthcare makes all of your records available to you electronically. This is a secure website, whereby only you and Victoria have the password. 

All Victoria Healthcare patients themselves may view, save and copy their clinical results. Our patients may also consult their doctors on-line about your information, medical history, etc. in that record. When accessing WebView at through a highly secure password system, patients may:

  • View all results of lab tests, Endoscopy, Ultrasound, ECG, as well as medicines prescribed, treatment, and clinical summary: the entire healthcare process at Victoria Healthcare Clinics is transparent and available to you.
  • Consult doctors about questions from your record.
  • Receive your own email with WebView to save consultation information from doctors.
  • Print out or save a copy of your WebView data to PC/ laptop/ web-enabled smart phone that may serve any of your needs in sharing your record.
  • Upon your written approval, your relatives or outside physicians may use their own username and password to enter your WebView.
How to register WebView account?

  • Step 1: Please ask our Customer Service for registration
  • Step 2: Fill all information in WebView register form. Please, provide available email address for activating your account
  • Step 3: You will receive an email which informs Username, Password and instruction for use
  • Step 4: Access to link to use our system
General Regulations:

  • Patients themselves choose their own passwords. They may not change password and must be responsible for password security. In case patients forget passwords, please contact our front desk to reissue your password.
  • When accessing, your username must be printed and be supplied by Victoria Healthcare to assure maximum security.
  • In case patients do not have emails, they still enter WebView for a web view but may not contact doctors (e.g., through an internet coffee). Patients may register an email address with Victoria Healthcare later.
  • All services above will not be charged for any Victoria Healthcare client: we offer this because we care about you, your health, and your privacy. We want to assure good communication with you and our doctors.