GYN & Ob Department


Women’s Care provides a wide range of comprehensive and efficient services for the special problems of women. We offer a complete range of state-of-the-art facilities and a “one-stop service” method. This ensures that the women we care for benefit from the most comprehensive and personalized care available.

Our experienced physicians work with modern equipment such as: digital mammography, colposcopy, 4D ultrasound, bone density measurer, fetal heart monitors, and accurate laboratory with fast and effective results. We provide:
  • Screening Program for Breast Cancer: Our digital mammography can help to detect very early breast cancer, or simply ease your mind. We can also perform fine needle aspiration for suspicious areas. We design a very effective and cost-wise package for breast cancer screening.
  • Screening for Cervical Cancer: We apply the most up-to-date guidelines from WHO for cervical cancer screening. With our onsite laboratory and colposcopy (visualize cervix) we can help a woman prevent and effectively treat the most common cancer in women. We can also provide advice and the vaccine to prevent cervical cancer.
  • Women’s Diseases: We have a full range of facilities to help our woman physicians provide proper diagnosis and effective treatment for other common women’s problems such as: genital infection, sexually transmitted disease (STD), hormonal disorders, abnormal bleeding, ovarian cyst, and ovarian cancer.
  • Family Planning: We provide full services with many options for family planning such as: contraceptive medications, estrogen implantation, intrauterine device, early abortion (if endangering the health of the mother), etc. We work with our patients in strict privacy: all medical records are kept in strictest confidence, and the reason for your visit is not open to others.
  • Menopause: We provide advice for a woman coming into menopause. We design a package for screening menopausal diseases including osteoporosis with bone density measurement, and consultation on prevention and treatment of uncomfortable symptoms. At this age, breast cancer screening should also begin.
  • Pregnancy and Follow-up for Delivery: Our program for following your pregnancy is based on guidelines of the American Obstetric Association. With our modern equipment and experienced physicians, a patient can feel confident in following her pregnancy. We have a program to screen for congenital deformities with the necessary labs and 4D ultrasound performed by an experienced and gentle imaging doctor (provides a near-portrait of you baby before his birth). Our obstetric doctor can arrange for delivery of your baby at other institutions.

Besides, our physicians have designed four specific packages:

  • Gyn exam by female Gynecologist
  • Transvaginal or transabdominal ultrasound (depending on Gyn physician recommendation)
  • Pap's Smear or wet mount (depending on Gyn physician recommendation)
  • Bone Density

Dr. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Anh