Myalgic encephalomyelitis  causes fatigue throughout the body.  It may take at least 6 months to develop, and may become a barrier to your daily routine.
Unfortunately, both men and women can get this syndrome, especially those in their 20s-40s, and women have a higher risk than men. 


The cause of this illness has not been found, yet. Promising research suggests an inflammatory component affecting general metabolism (metabolomics).  However, you can consider that you may have this syndrome by being aware of the following symptoms: 
Feeling exhausted, tired or weak most of the time for more than 6 months.
Sore throatwith appearance of soft, tender lymph nodes. Overly exhausted after low or moderate exercise.
Chronic fatique syndrome can affect to your mental
Muscle pain.
Headaches related to exhaustion.
Sleep problems, including no relief of exhaustion with sleep.
Feel uncomfortable more than 24 hours though you try your best to relieve it.
Too exhausted to carry on normal activities of the day and your job.
ity greatly. The consequences could be: 
Hard to breathe or concentrate.
Worry without objective reasons.
Easily irritating.
Depressed and stressed beyond life situation.
Change of character.
Unpredictable temperament.
Reduction of sexual desire.
Unable to muster energy to go to work.



This disease is difficult to diagnose because there are similiar symptoms with many other diseases. There are no objective tests to define it.  Your doctor will try to isolate other symptoms and look for other reasons that make you tired. You need to list all your symptoms and family medical history so that your doctor can have enough information to make the diagnosis clear. If you have a fever, your doctor may request you to record your temperature daily for a while.
Some tests are required to rule out other diagnoses,  such as urine and blood tests to check for any infections, autoimmune diseases, metabolic disease, endocrine issue, anemia, or tumors that may silently exist in your body.  You may need some imaging tests such as ultrasound or MRI, as well.
If no other issues are found, you may then be diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome.


Those suffering from chronic fatique syndrome will need treatment, although there is no specific medication for it. Their doctors will advise medical treatment and refer for a consultant for positive ways of treatment,such as a special exercise session and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). 
The exercise is based on the level of disability.  It can include easy and slow moving, the level increasing to improve muscle strength and cardiovascular (aerobic) fitness. With less disability, an exercise program of low impact activities done regularly can be very helpful to arrest progression of the disease.  The CBTy helps strengthen concentration and focus on  goals while redicing depression and stress. These two treatments are the best to help with your symptoms such as headache, exhaustion, and difficulty concentrating.


Your doctor will prescribe medications for your headache and muscle pain. Medicine for depression may help ease your fatigue, and improve your focusing ability. 

NGeneral Care for CFS

Prioritize your core tasks every day. Do important things in the morning when you still have enough energy. You should seek help right away from your family members or your colleagues at work when you need help. 
Relax and rest as much as possible.
Strictly follow your doctor’s advice.
Do not smoke (this is essential).
Eat well: an anti-inflammatory diet may be helpful with greatly reduced carbohydrates and whole, plant-based choices.
Walk short distances to avoid being too tired. Do exercises within and up to your capacity.
Try to plan relaxation time at least once or twice per week.
Join a social community, talk to people with the same condition as you to help one another.


You need to see a doctor if you feel some abnormal symptoms or changes in your body when you feel abnormal fatigue levels. It can help your doctor diagnose early and give you some treatment for possible risk and to prevent it from getting worse.